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Reach pharmaceutical engineers and equipment procurement managers with PharmaCMC showcase all devices

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PharmaCMC is the trusted global source for pharmaceutical machinery and equipment from quality suppliers. When you advertise with us you position your company front and centre to our users who value the peer recommended suppliers category listing combined with the PharmaCMC category knowledge hubs with only the content that matters.

We focus on delivering quality content for our target community of pharmaceutical engineers, procurement managers and other key decision makers in the pharmaceutical industry before, during and after the buying process.

We prefer quality over quantity when it comes to our content. Our website users appreciate this as they are often searching with intent to purchase. When you advertise with us your business is tapping into a brand new sales lead pipeline of qualified prospective clients showing intent to purchase.

Reach pharmaceutical engineers and equipment procurement managers with PharmaCMC



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Reach your ideal pharmaceutical equipment customer with PharmaCMC

Gain Competitive Advantage

  • Enhanced Brand Recognition
  • Higher Quality Sales Leads
  • Promote Company Profile
  • Perfectly Aligned Brand Positioning
  • Show Company Knowledge & Expertise

Reach your ideal pharmaceutical equipment customer with PharmaCMC
Reach your ideal pharmaceutical equipment customer with PharmaCMC

User Friendly Across All Devices

PharmaCMC has an unique, modern, user focused and user friendly website accessible across all device platforms so you can get all the advantages in the office and on your smartphone across the world.

Better User Experience

Unlike any other Pharmaceutical Procurement website, PharmaCMC is designed in collaboration with and built for Pharmaceutical Engineers, Procurement Managers and other stakeholders, not programmers, so that the knowledge gathering and modern machinery, equipment and peripheral procurement process in the pharmaceutical industry is front and centre and the layout, design and user interface delivers to our users a superior quality user experience.

Advertise With Us At PharmaCMC
Advertise With Us At PharmaCMC

Quality Peer Recommended Suppliers

We only connect the very best peer recommended equipment suppliers to a qualified user base with intent to purchase. without any barriers to communication. Our goal is to help improve the procurement process in the B2B pharmaceutical equipment industry.

Uniquely, No Barriers To Communication

PharmaCMC website users can get in touch with equipment suppliers and advertisers without the need to join the PharmaCMC community. This unique selling point was agreed after continuous feedback by pharmaceutical engineers and procurement managers within our user base. It results in a better user experience and has seen email newsletter sign ups rise as a result, building further trust with our PharmaCMC community.

Advertise With Us At PharmaCMC
Advertise With Us At PharmaCMC

Future Proof Sales Pipelines: Reduce Churn Rates

By advertising with us today, you are positioning your company on the fastest growing interactive multimedia platform in pharmaceutical equipment procurement to ensure your sales pipelines are future proofed as the once traditional industry adopts the new modern approaches to sales today.

 Get Unit Process Advert Exclusivity

Maximize your brand visibility by advertising your peripherals at the point of purchase consideration of other pharmaceutical machinery and equipment by pharmaceutical engineers, procurement managers and other key decision makers.

Advertise With Us At PharmaCMC

Powder Handling

Dry Granulation

High Shear Granulation

Fluid Bed Granulation

Fluid Bed Coating


Extrusion Spheronization

Milling / Size Reduction

Tablet Compression

Punches & Dies

Tablet Coating


Semi Solids / Liquids


Targeted Advertising

Focus Your Marketing Resources By Unit Process Categories

PharmaCMC lets advertisers target users who are most interested in a particular unit process category.

Users engaged in each category are interested in the the knowledge hub and peer recommended suppliers list which compliment products and services you are offering.

This makes a change from the scatter-gun approach of most pharmaceutical industry websites advertising which only offer general ad packages, often without category exclusivity or not aimed specifically at buyers of pharmaceutical machinery, equipment and excipients.

More Opportunities

As well as banner advertising, promotion packages are also available in the following areas:

Article Sponsorship

Events Promotion

Press Releases

Video Promotion

Webinar Promotion

Email Newsletter Promotion

Native Advertising Articles

Company Milestone Promotion

Still need a more bespoke advertising package?  

Please get in touch and we will be happy to help you put a sponsorship package together that aligns with your marketing and sales goals perfectly.

Advertise With Us At PharmaCMC
Advertise With Us At PharmaCMC

Adding extra value to your marketing

Advertising with us gives your company the most cost effective and efficient form of advertising.

There are various PharmaCMC sponsorship packages available such as advertising space exclusivity by unit process category which will help to maximize your brand exposure and generate more leads from pharma procurement decision makers.

Targeted Advertising

Our regular users and subscribers to our online newsletter are comprised of precisely the buyer persona type clients you need to reach to grow sales. For example:

  • Pharmaceutical Engineers
  • Procurement Managers
  • Technical Buying Teams
  • Plant Managers
  • Project Managers
  • General Managers
  • Research Scientists
  • Design engineers
Advertise With Us At PharmaCMC
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