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ISPE Europe Annual Conference 2017 – Barcelona 3-6 April – Key Topics

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ISPE Europe Annual Conference 2017 – Barcelona 3-6 April – Key Topics

ISPE Europe Annual Conference 2017 – Barcelona 3-6 April – Key Topics

ISPE Europe Annual Conference 2017 – Barcelona 3-6 April – Key Topics

It’s four days of industry immersion that pharmaceutical professionals can enjoy. For more see ISPE Europe 2017 or see more of the event online by following the twitter feed below and the hashtag #ISPE2017

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ISPE Europe Annual Conference – Key Topics


Lead and Manage Future Operations

This year the ISPE 2017 Europe Annual Conference will focus on “Pharma Manufacturing 2025” and the way to achieve a modern, agile, and flexible production landscape.

Prominent questions will be explored and discussed during the conference.

What will the main regulatory trends be by 2025? How will the current technology platforms evolve?
What will the required skillsets and capabilities of the future workforce be? What does the facility of
the future look like and how will operations be managed? How can we guarantee safe supply: no
counterfeits, no drug shortages?

We will take a closer look at how the following industry trends will impact the pharmaceutical industry:

  • Change from small to large molecules – is Bio an over-emphasised trend?
  • Complete revision of Annex 1 – a global template?
  • Global harmonisation of regulation – or more barriers?
  • Industry 4.0 and complete digitalised operations and full automation – is our current product design
    fit for being manufactured automatically?

Conference Highlights

3 April Executive Forum – The management perspective on future challenges in pharmaceutical
4-5 April Keynotes on Manufacturing, Aseptics, and Quality
Four Tracks: Factories of the Future | Advanced Aseptic Processing |
Clinical and ATMP Supply Chain | Data Integrity and GAMP |
6 April Plant Tours in the Barcelona area: Grifols, Almirall, and the Biomedical Research Park

Why Attend?

The pre-conference Executive Forum will focus on and feature:

  • Future challenges of pharma operations from an executive perspective
  • Production Control Strategy: The new bridge from industry 4.0 to automation
  • Metrics: The outcome of the second wave of industry pilots
  • Drug Shortages: Next challenges and new regulation in France – A model for Europe?

Conference Highlights

  • Continuous Manufacturing: A change of paradigms from the manufacturers’ perspective
  • Sterile and Aseptic Manufacturing: The hot- spot of regulation and technology
  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients: Future challenges from an API manufacturer
  • Regulatory news for the commercial and clinical supply chain
  • Mass Serialisation: Current experiences and best practice in implementation
  • Investigational Products: An operations’ perspective on how to speed up the time to market

For more on this and information about talks, awards and discussions at the expo view the live feed below or visit the ISPE Europe 2017 website for more information.


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ISPE Europe Annual Conference 2017

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