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ISPE Seeks Diverse Pharma Industry Leadership With Vision And Strategy

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ISPE Seeks Diverse Pharma Industry Leadership With Vision And Strategy

ISPE Seeks New Pharma Industry Leadership With Vision And Strategy

ISPE Seeks New Pharma Industry Leadership With Vision And Strategy To Develop Knowledge Legacy


The ISPE is seeking new candidate nominations for the International Board of Directors roles 2017-2019. The Board is responsible for the governance and strategic direction of the society. Members of the Board are people who know the Society, understand the pharma industry and have strong strategic leadership capabilities. The Board is looking to develop a more global profile through diversity of Board members and activities.

How ISPE Operates

The ISPE is governed by an elected board of directors. This board is comprised of fifteen elected members along with the CEO &  the President, who serves as a non voting ‘ex officio’ member. The society Directors are elected to a two year term and can serve up to two terms consecutively.  All terms commence at the commencement of the Annual Meeting.

The five officer positions include

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • President

A candidate for secretary is typically making a five year commitment to serve in the roles of Secretary through Past Chair.

ISPE is looking for candidates with evidential leadership qualities and characteristics such as strategic thinking, long term planning, playing an ambassadorial role utilizing communication skills on behalf of the society. A sound grasp of budgetary oversight management is required to manage the US $10 million annual budget, while recognizing that although the society is a not for profit body, it does need to raise sufficient funds to run the extensive activities annually.

A firm understanding of existing and future needs and strategies of pharma manufacturers and service providers in the global pharma and biopharma industry, advancing science, technology and engineering in a tightly regulated environment is necessary. The best candidate for this role is required to be an ISPE member committing to spend time on ISPE issues, be fluent in English, as well as  be able to travel to the four board meetings annually.


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In an attempt to better represent a global view of the pharma industry the ISPE  are seeking to  develop a more diverse International Board of Directors demonstrated through business expertise, gender, geographic location and younger professionals.

Are you the ideal candidate?

Or do you know someone who fits the above criteria and can expand the ISPE Board diversity? Simply reach out to them, confirm their willingness to be considered, and send a completed Nomination Form along with the nominee’s curriculum vitae or resume to by 14 April 2017. Self nominations are welcome.




More details via the link below.


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